Launching New Products


Have an idea for a new retail product or want to know the best way to bring one to market? Starting a new company? Want to sell your products to retailers like Sephora, Nordstrom, and Amazon? Do you have questions about which advertising programs work and which don't to increase sales?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you can greatly increase your chances of success by speaking with Lee Jacobs ... creator of multiple successful brands and avid entrepreneur. Due to his vast experience with all types of retailers (from Amazon to Sephora) and his knowledge ofthe "Health and Beauty" industry , Lee knows how to get things done in a smart and efficient manner that will yield the best possible results for your business.

Knowing what works ( and what doesn't ) is the key to saving money and successfully launching your products. Every "new product entrepreneur" has questions... now there is someone to ask that has the needed experience to answer them.

Knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what to do when it comes to a successful launch.

You've got an amazing idea for a new product or line of products. Now the tough part begins ... laying out and implementing a plan that results in strong sales, high profits, and customer satisfaction. As this process unfolds, inevitably you will be faced with a number of questions that will need to be answered. 

Here's the real dilemma ... where can you turn to gain the needed insight to address sales and marketing decisions?

Until recently, only the following options existed:

  1. Literature Research - Always a good place to start but while good for "theory" answers, practical "real-world" solutions may be difficult to find.

  2. The Internet - Another good and easily accessible resource but it may be difficult to find information pertaining to your specific situation and, if you do,  it may not be the most reliable as much of what is on the web isn't always verifiable.

  3. Ask A Friend Or Associate - A great way to get specific answers to specific questions ... just make sure that they have the required expertise and understand the "complete picture" of what an entrepreneur in your situation faces.

  4. Hire A Consultant - Another relatively simple approach as they are readily available. The downside is that they are expensive, may require a sizable financial commitment, often have never done what you are about to do, and base much of their advice on the aforementioned "theory" model as opposed to actual experience in the marketplace. Here's a simple question to ask any consultant you may be considering: "Have you personally ever started a company, developed a product, and then launched it in the marketplace?"

If the answer is "no" (and much more often than not, it will be) ... how can you expect them to fully understand the issues you face and provide realistic solutions?

Historically, these were your only options (and limited ones at best) to gain the knowledge and insight required to help make critical decisions during the new product development journey. That has changed ...

We are pleased to announce that you can now get valuable answers to your questions and gain insights directly from someone that knows what you are going through and  has successfully developed and launched multiple consumer products, by speaking with Lee Scott Jacobs. With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the consumer product arena, Lee is the President of Lescoja Corporation, creator of the Matte For Men skincare line, and "serial" entrepreneur. Lee has a passion for new product development and sales. He attributes his track record of new product success mainly to his experienced-based "real world" approach and  effective 'gorilla warfare" tactics.

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